Feb 21, 2010

Final Flight

I've apparently hit a downward spiral with regard to Android gaming. I've taken a look at 3 games (the 3rd coming tomorrow) that just aren't good. Today it's Final Flight. Once again a game with 5 stars such that I can't understand how someone could have awarded such a high rating (there was just one rating so there's no great conspiracy).

Final Flight is a vertical scrolling shooter in the same vein as Xevious. Once again no fire button... your ship just auto blasts away. The controls, however, aren't very good. Touch a spot on the screen and your ship moves towards it. It just doesn't have a good feel to it and I felt very much so that sometimes my touches would be ignored. I  think that may be my fault because I was touch dragging, but then again I'd really expect my ship to head toward the last spot my finger was on if that's going to be the control mechanism.

The game promises lots of power ups and upgrades. Unfortunately it was so boring that I never got there. It didn't feel much different from XGalaxy except there are scrolling mountains in the background. If you really want a vertical scrolling shooter get the previously reviewed Sky Force. It's a heck of a lot better in all dimensions despite the core game being created 4 years ago with the Android port coming just recently.

Enough said.

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