Feb 15, 2010

infeCCt Recap

I've been playing A LOT of the recently reviewed infeCCT lately and have discovered one thing that drives me nuts about this game or ANY puzzle game for that matter. If I decide I want to do the last level (or any level) then I should be able to skip all of the easier levels and jump right to it. InfeCCt insists I work my way through 38 pages of levels before I get to the last one and I'd really like to ramp up the difficulty NOW. I've done well over 100 of the roughly 300 levels and perhaps two have taken longer than a minute to figure out. I really want to see what's in store without having to spend hours working through these less interesting levels. Rush Hour did it right by letting me CHOOSE whatever level I want to play.


  1. Thanks for the reviews! They're really thorough and helpful. I really want to try this game but can't find it in the marketplace no matter what I use for search. Do some apps not appear based on the phone being used? I'm on a Droid Eris. Thanks again and I'll try to click on at least one ad each time I visit.

  2. If I search on 'infecct' in the Android Market I am able to find the game. It is listed as Snake infeCCt. Likewise, searching on 'snake' (although that finds a lot more than this) or 'handygames' (no space) finds their two games.