Dec 1, 2011

Where's My Water?

Yeah, I know. Regular readers of this blog might be more likely to ask "Where are my game reviews?' than "Where's My Water?". And I'll resolicit for help in writing such reviews. Help! Covering Android gaming has thankfully blossomed into a job that's much too big for one (or two, as I've had some help) to handle. We'll keep plugging away at it, though...

Where's My Water is a Disney title. If you have little girls, as I do, then Disney = Princesses. But with Where's My Water there's a picture of a gator instead? Ok, uhm... is he eating the princesses? What's up with that? No, instead Where's My Water? is yet another entry into the hyper crowded puzzle game genre on Android. I'll agree that mobile devices make for a fantastic platform for puzzle games. I can solve a level here or there... they usually take advantage of the touch screen. But seriously... I'm really wanting a bit more variety.

Simply enough in Where's My Water? Swampy the Alligator is trying to take a shower, but other gators loathe him for his eccentricities so they're always trying to cut off him plumbing. Apparently they're cool with him having electricity, though. Nonetheless, this game becomes all about reconnecting Swampy's water supply so that he can take a shower with a traditional puzzle formula. The first level will have you digging a simple tunnel to let the water flow downwards into his shower. Ok, I'll cut to the chase... this is a puzzle game that does everything PERFECTLY. As much as I'd love to knock the behemoth known as Disney I can't do so here. What do I love about this game?

  • qrcodeFirst, the cuteness factor is great. It's got a lot of little extras in terms of animation and story that make it just plain attractive.
  • Second, it walks you through the levels as a really nice pace. It starts with a confidence builder and then a basic choice and then... ok, no spoilers. Physics does play a heavy role in the game as you'll be wanting to get the water to jump across chasms and do all sorts of stuff.
  • Third, it's just a buck. And there are lots of extras making this one of the best dollars you could spend.
  • Fourth, no problems at all with the control and both the A and V departments are covered expertly (that's audio and visual if A and V didn't click).
Me likes it! 5/5 stars.

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