Dec 21, 2011

Earth and Legend - Mini Review

I'd been watching Earth and Legend and jumped on it today when it went on sale at 80% off. I guess perhaps that's my first issue. A price change from $6.99 to $2.99 isn't 80% off, but $2.99 seemed like a deal for a game of this scope. So I pulled it down... downloaded the extra game content and gave it a try on my Epic 4G. My phone clearly struggled with the game which I wasn't too surprised by, but it was able to play it. I walked around town... got my free Rusty Sword from the blacksmith... and then went to the store where I realized I had no money and figured earning some cash would be my next step. Then a big dialog box pops up telling me to leave the game a 5 star review in the market if I want to see free updates and they'll throw in 500 gold just for doing a review. So now I'm pissed off... about 3 minutes into the game I'm being asked to do a review??? Ok, so that's how this game has so many 5 star reviews. I decline to give a review at this point as, well, I'm certainly not able to do so in an honest and ethical manner and so I proceed. Crash. The game dies on me. Now, I'm not someone who bashes a game when it doesn't run on my phone because I know the Android platform has fragmentation issues and such so I try it on my tablet. I repeat the above just to see if it really is EVERY time that the game is going to attempt to persuade me to leave it a good review that it doesn't deserve and sure enough the process is duplicated. I pass on the review again, the game does not crash, and the next character that comes running down the lane wants to sell me RARE potions that do things like turn my pet into a pixie... so I say yes just because I can't believe that after buying the game the second thing it's going to do is tell me to give it a five star review without playing it and the third thing is to try and sell me MORE crap for realy $$$ under the guise that it's RARE???

Shame on you Dvide Arts. I loved your Crusade of Destiny game, but this is shameful. I can accept in game purchases and perhaps even a prompting for an Android Market rating an hour into the game, but not this. Fortunately, I was able to get my money refunded and move on. There's too much quality software out there for me to waste my time on something like this.

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  1. That's a shame. At least the market itself is not directly build around the user reviews (lacking sorting option now looks like a good thing).