Dec 3, 2011

Infinity Blade not coming to Android?

On Thursday it was announced that the iOS hit Infinity Blade isn't coming to Android. My response? I've played it on iOS until I got tired of it and given that that took 2 minutes I say "who cares?". You see... Infinity Blade isn't much of a game. It's gorgeous to the nth degree, but it seriously lacks when it comes to fun. In a nutshell you're just battling monster after monster. I'd much rather have a game like Tekken make the jump...

As for the reason Chair Entertainment isn't going to bring their prize game to Android... I'm not so sure. Piracy is an issue on both platforms and knowing that jailbreaking an iOS 5 device basically amounts to downloading some software and clicking a button makes me not buy that argument. They're already got the code written and the artwork in hand so the cost of porting (i.e. creating an Android version) would be substantially less. I know some love to point at Android and say "pirates", but I say "cheapskates". I don't know too many iPhone owners that don't take some advantage of the AppStore and if you'd purchased an iPod Touch then it's probably simply because of the AppStore. Android? I don't know of any Android owners that really take advantage of the Market. I know many that don't ever know it's there and some that have download a couple apps that are all freebies. That's the problem. Android owners aren't buyers.

But the thing that amazes me the most about many Android owners is that they just don't care. I'll tell them of all the great apps they could have. I'll tell them that they can get a freebie every day from Amazon's Appstore. And they just look at me with that "it's just a phone?" look.

What do I think Android needs? A marketing campaign similar to Apple's that touts the Android Market and all the neat stuff you could be doing with one. Remember "There's an app for that!"? How could you forget, right? Everyone interested in apps goes Apple because that's what they think of when they hear "app" and they don't understand that Android is now a fully viable choice.

As for Infinity Blade... trust me... you don't care.


  1. I second the who cares on Infinity Blade for Android. It is a fun diversion on the iPad 2 but really all these ports just annoy me. Give me some good original IP for Android instead. It's almost like the console wars now, Android Versus iphone or Android Versus iPad. Personally I think it's mostly envy from either side. If you've owned both units or done a fair amount of research chances are you chose for a reason. Or maybe it was just a money thing, free Android phone versus $99 and up iPhone. At any rate, there's plenty of fun to be had on both platforms and Infinity Blade most likely won't be missed on ours.

  2. Yeah I agree on this. Although i played infinity blade, Android game already got some similar game to that also (blood and glory). It really just another good game and plenty of android game way better than that depends on the game you like.

  3. Gaming on Android is terrible compared to gaming on iOS in terms of quality games. I don't like Apple's heavy handed practices but everyone and their grandma is salivating over IB2. Infinity Blade 2 got a perfect 10 from IGN. Even if you leave out Infinity Blade 2, where is Real Racing 2? That game is absolutely incredible. Look you can look through Android forums like and find tons of posts from Android users wishing they had this iPhone game but you never see iPhone/iPad users wishing they had a certain Android game because there are basically no exclusives.

    These are available on iOS: Where's Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies? Where's Epoch? Where's the upcoming Mechwarrior? Where is Street Fighter IV Volt?

  4. Have you seen all the frickin cool rpgs and fps available on iOS? And how come they get cool games first and we have to wait for a port?

  5. Wow it looks like Infinity Blade is getting outstanding reviews from respected game publications and sites. iOS has both Infinity Blade 2 AND Blood & Glory but nobody talks about Blood & Glory because it's awful.