Dec 2, 2011

NFL Flick Quarterback

I loved Flick Golf! I love football a lot more than golf. So, by the transitive property I should really love NFL Flick Quarterback. Not so fast...

NFL Flick Quarterback is the third of Full Fat's series of flick games (the other being soccer). It adds a full NFL license to the package which will apparently cost buyers an extra $2 (this game is $2.99 whereas the others are $.99) and allows you to be an NFL Quarterback. First, you choose your favorite team and you choose a name and jersey number and you're ready to play. Next up, it's practice time which means your receiver will not be up against any coverage. You'll learn to lead your receivers and the basics of tossing. Someone with experience from their other games will find this to be a cakewalk and I doubt others will have any challenge grasping the game. After some practice, you'll pass to a receiver that has defenders that can intercept the ball. Three mistakes and your game is over. You'll also, in later stages, have to deal with a rush and be able to flick to perform a spin move and avoid the DBs. Once you graduate to this you'll be making progressively more difficult throws into a bucket. That seemed like a step backwards to me... going from something like real football to tossing the ball into a barrel?

qrcodeThe game graphics and interface all are on par with Flick Golf! which is good, but golf really opened the world up to a variety of gorgeous scenery. I wanted to make it to the next level just to see what it looked like. In football I'm stuck in an indoor stadium. Furthermore, golf grades on the curve... I could flick and I'd get some points for being close and more points for being closer. In football... he either catches it or he doesn't. Sure he may run for extra points, but in order for me to score anything I have to thread the needle and complete the pass. Finally, the bucket toss just didn't do it for me and has caused me to lose interest in the game entirely. I actually enjoyed the football part of the game, but it did get repetitive after a few plays.

Bottom line? If you're an NFL junkie then perhaps you'll get a thrill out of making a player on your favorite team and tossing the ball a bit. If you're just looking for a good flicking game then stick with the golf. It's superior and cheaper so my overall recommendation is to save your quarters. 3.5/5 stars.

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