Dec 6, 2011

Demolition Master 3D

I reviewed iDemolished almost 2 years ago. Wow, has time flown by. I enjoyed iDemolished and some of its kin quite a bit so when I noticed Demolition Master 3D (and its goal of taking these games into the third dimension) I bit.

First, the premise is simple. You've got a structure made of girders of various strengths (wood, steel, ...), a backpack full of high explosives, and the need to flatten these structures to the ground (or, at least, below a predetermined height). You'll have to strategically figure out where to place your bombs to achieve this objective. And bomb placement is one of the first big differences. In a two space game played on a two dimensional screen there's no question as to what you're putting where, but in three dimensions the software has to be smart and iDemolished basically passes this test. It's a bit more cumbersome to work with and it'll focus in on a particular girder and somewhat let you reposition a bomb after incorrect placement although I found it easier just to remove any erroneously placed explosives and place them again.

qrcodeNext up... does it change the game? Well, one thing they do that I don't think iDemolished did is a level can have both target zones to hit with debris and zones to avoid (i.e. a gas pipe) and while that could be added to a 2D game there is a bit more to it when you have to think in terms of three dimensions. You can now place explosives on any side of a girder and such placement has obviously different consequences. You can be causing the splot on one beam to be north-south and another to be east-west and those can ultimately interact. Consequently, this game can be a bit more complex.

Finally, is it better? And by better I mean more fun. And the answer is 'no'... it's just different: not better, not worse. It's not a 'me too' title and I praise developer App Mania for that, and it does make you think a bit differently. Furthermore, with a $.99 price tag you can't go too wrong. Graphically the game is up to par... not stunning, but good enough. It's also got a nice tutorial to boot and over 100 puzzles levels. I do find the controls a bit cumbersome, but still workable. All in all, Demolition Master 3D is a good game that does the job. 4/5 stars.

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