Aug 18, 2011

Captain America

We all have biases and when I saw Captain America appear in the Android Market around the time the movie was released I think I created what the game would be in my mind. I figured that it would be a game about a super hero with puzzle elements to solve based around super human abilities. Oh, and I figured tossing my shield around to activate a switch and knock an enemy down here and there would be part of the mix. I didn't think it would be anything special, but I thought such a game had promise. THIS isn't that game so please forget what you just read.

Captain America is a game that upon playing it I was immediately reminded of Stellar Escape. It's a pretty straight forward running and jumping game with baddies thrown in for good measure. In true super hero fashion you start off with a mission to rescue three cohorts. However, you, being Captain America and all, don't need any help so you're going to do it all by your lonesome. Off you go. The game has a fantastic in game tutorial that explains moves only as you need them. I really love that kind of system as I can't stand games that require me to read an hour's worth of instructions before jumping in. I want to learn as I play. First up, swipe right to run right.

So now I'm running right. My first obstacle appears and the game pauses to show me that a diagonal southwest to northeast swipe will allow the Captain to jump. Then it's sliding. Then it's throwing my shield and beating the crap (not killing!) out of the bad guys. So how does this stack up to Stellar Escape? Well, there's a lot more to it in terms of moves, but it's also trying to be something a little (just a little) different.

Graphically the game has a nice 3D style engine, despite the action being 2D, and the sound effects are of professional quality. I like the fact that they didn't try to incorporate an on screen DPad or on screen buttons to move Mr. America and really appreciate the gesture system although throwing your shield does require use of an on screen button. The game plays smooth. Each step of the mission is reasonable short and takes a couple minutes to play through making this is a decent game to bite away at a chunk at a time.

qrcodePricewise the game is an enigma to me. It was initially launched at 80% off during its initial weekend and priced at $0.99. Here we are a month later and it's still $0.99. At that price this is worth every penny and it's a great game for a buck unless you abhor running and jumping games. Will it ever actually go up to $5? Do the people at Marvel Entertainment have some sort of 'super hero' calendar they use? At $5 the purchase becomes questionable given other games that are available at lower prices (or even free).

I like Captain America. It does a good job of what it tries to do. It plays well, it's enjoyable, and I have no reservations in recommending it at a buck. It even plays well on my tablet. 4/5 stars.

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