Aug 10, 2011

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips

It bummed me out when I saw Airport Mania 2 arrive on the iPhone before it made it on to Android. After all, Amazon Digital Services would seem to have an interest in providing an Android version in their App Store first especially with plans to release their own Android based tablet. But it was not to be. I was pleased to see it make the jump a few weeks later and see that they've also skipped an Android Market release so far.

I loved Airport Mania so this was a must play for me. The time management of landing planes in the original provided many hours of fun. So what's new in Airport Mania 2? Sadly, not much. The only major difference I can see (and by major I exclude things like a new set of levels with new background artwork) is luggage as an additional event you'll be alerted to load on your plane (in addition to fuel and repairs).

Game play is the same. Touch to land, unload, take off... etc. Graphics looks to be the same. Cute little planes with big eyes. In fact, I'm disappointed that there's not more of a change. I had been wondering why the description in Amazon's store was more forthright with new features... that's why. There's not much to say over the original.

If you like Airport Mania and want more then this is your ticket. Actually that fits me perfectly as I loved the original. But if not then you can skip this and move on to something new. And if you're just reading about Airport Mania for the first time and are wondering if you should start with the original then I'd have to say 'no'... this does offer some improvements and it's the better, albeit slightly, version so get this one. Just don't enter the airport thinking there's going to be a lot new. As for a review score... 3.5/5. That's lower than the original despite this being better, but I just don't deem it worthy of having the '2' in the title.


  1. I don't like that I can't replay a level, or that if the game gets interrupted (instead of exited properly) it begins from last proper exit. :(

  2. How come you only review crappy games?