Jul 15, 2010


Personally, I love "scintillating new age games" especially when they are "exceptionally well built" so Cronos was a must. My favorite feature? It crashes (displaying a force close dialog box) whenever I die. I almost decided not to review this game, but this is just too over the top for me after making such ridiculous claims in its Market description. Just check out the website the devs provide for this game (click on the title of this article) and that should give you an idea as to how much love and care went into this game.

No, it's not all bad. The title screen and graphics are actually pretty good (although the title screen leaves a black bar on the right side of my Droid screen probably because the Droid has a funky screen resolution and they didn't detect and center as I think many games do). As for the game itself... you're a cheetah running along the plains (although it looks more like a railroad track at the bottom of the screen) and you have to jump over the fires (why they're there I do not know), jump higher to catch birds in mid-flight (cheetahs much prefer aerial prey than grounded prey), and once you hit level 2 you have to jump over foxes (instead of fire?). You can also press a 'center button' to enable your cheetah's fire power... except there is no center button. Audio? None. And to make matters worse the scrolling is jerky and periodically the screen flashes black just long enough to be noticeable.

So in a nutshell... tap the screen to jump when appropriate and you've got this game summarized. You want this type of game? Then go get Super Jetpack Dragon IV which is actually quite good. I hate giving bad reviews... but I hate the idea of anyone wasting time on this unfinished game. I'm sure it works on the dev's Android phone and they just didn't test it on other versions of the OS or something like that... but even if the crashes didn't happen the game itself is seriously lacking for being such an "exceptionally well built" title. 1/5 stars.

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  1. Great review, as always. Thanks for saving us some time.