Jul 2, 2010

Car Traffic Control

I've avoided reviewing Car Traffic Control due to similarities with other games and the desire to focus on new and innovative titles. However, last week when I was itemizing the games I need to review I noticed its high ranking and figure it was time to give it it's day in the sun. I'm glad I did...

Car Traffic Control is a repeat on the tired theme of landing airplanes, but in this case you're guiding cars to parking spaces. Once parked the car refuels (or something?) and then has to be guided back on its merry way. The game has 4 basic types of vehicles... cars, fancy cars (?), buses, and taxis. Each has its own spot in which it needs to be parked. Naturally, buses move slower and so forth.

The graphics are pretty basic as is audio such as the fiery explosion that occurs when two vehicles collide. Where this games shines, however, is with its controls and its leniency for parking vehicles. At first I was concerned that I had to get my car exactly in its space... nope, just get your car in the basic area and you're fine. That means the games isn't fiddly and is actually pleasing to play. Next, drawing lines to guide vehicles works very well here... the cars don't do odd things like make sudden u-turns and I've had little difficulty getting cars to do what I had intended. Perhaps I'm reviewing this from a jaded perspective, but the game has a good feel to it.

As any mobile gamer knows, Flight Control on the iPhone is the game that seems to have lit this genre on fire. There are now MANY plane landing games and a few variations on that theme. One that I like is called Harbor Master because you are responsible for docking your boats and then guiding them away once cargo has been unloaded. The extra dimension of having to guide the boat away made a big difference to me. Car Traffic Control brings that feel to the Android. So far my high score is around 48, and the game features a leader board so you'll be able to complete against the world.

In summary this is a 4 star title that would have been 5 stars if it wasn't just another clone. However, it's a well done clone that offers a nice variation with excellent playability all for under $2 US. If you're a fan of this genre then you'll want to give this a try... and there is a free lite version available if you're gun shy.

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