Jul 28, 2010

We can beat GIANT MONSTERS !! (Part II)

Please note that this is Part II of yesterday's review... please read Part I first. Soon these two parts will be merged into one, but I leave it this way for now for my regular readers...

Victory is mine! I successfully vanquished the Fire Dragon and advanced. What I didn't understand about the game was that I could go back and beat the first boss monster again (and again [and again...]). Does that really make sense? To me it detracts from the feeling of advancement the game should offer. Unfortunately, my feelings of monotony have become more than just feelings. I have graduated to a point where the game consists of wandering around in randomly generated dungeons... killing monsters (that are now way too easy to kill)... gathering a few staple items... and eventually getting enough ore to upgrade my weapons / armor so that I can kill the next 'boss'.

I had mentioned that I thought it was cute that the first boss took a break in the middle of my fight. It's not as cute when they all do it. It's also a bit of a nuisance when monsters off in the distance seemingly disappear (maybe they took a break, too?).

This game started off in a very promising way... a simple story, fast action (you can get around VERY quickly), and some interesting graphics. Once all is said and done and you get past the first 5 minutes of play the game becomes repetitive and dull with the only incentive to keep playing being getting to see the next boss and maybe, just maybe... an interesting ending. 3/5 stars for a game that needs more (far more!) filling in the middle.

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  1. Aww, that's too bad. I was eager to hear more good things about this game!