Jul 22, 2010

Snake 3D

Snake 3D is a 3D take on the classic game of snake. In this game, you're a hungry snake in a garden and you slither around munching on apples. As you eat you grow, and as you grow it becomes harder to move around without bumping into yourself. Bump into yourself and the game is over.

The game's graphics are good... for a snake game. Sound effects are basic with a springy sound when eating an apple and an odd croaking sound upon death. Controls consist of using the touch screen to turn left or right... otherwise it's straight ahead. The game includes a nice tutorial to get you started... not that the game is complex. It does explain that there's a bit more to the game that just the 'plain jane', red apple.

My problem with the game is that I think 2D snake is better. This is a game that doesn't benefit much (at all?) from the jump to 3D, and it becomes MUCH harder to figure out when I'm on the square I need to be on for turning. Consequently, I make mistake after mistake with my turning and the game becomes less about me being clever in maneuvering my snake, but instead trying to figure out what 'square on the grid' my snake's head is really on. In that sense it kind of reminds me of the Droidkoban 3D, but that game doesn't force timing on me as much as this one does making the 3Dness less of an issue. I'd really like to have a 2D option in this kind of game.

One other note... this game is around US $3 (2.49 euros). Snake is one of the 'sample' games in the Android SDK from what I understand. In fact, according to Wikipedia, it was the first publicly available Android app. Consequently there are like a bazillion snake games in the Market for free from developers tinkering with this code. Unless you're a die hard snake fan (and I don't mean DeGrassi - go ahead, Google it) I think you'll be better off saving your cash for something else... and that's likely even if you are. 2.5/5 stars.

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