Nov 18, 2009

Speed Forge 3D

After having my Motorola Droid for about a week I must admit that I started to become disheartened as none of the games that I had found were really on par with what I was used to on my iPod Touch. The phone and the apps for news, stocks, sports ...etc were fine. But when it came to games, nothing seemed to touch (no pun intended) what I was used to. This is the game that changed that view and inspired this website.

Speed Forge 3D, from Polish developer Rat Square, is a 3D arcade racing game with several futuristic vehicles to pilot around different race tracks. It takes full advantage of the accelerometer allowing you to control your ship by turning and twisting your Android device. Bump into a wall and it uses 'force feedback' to let you know. The graphics are as great as they are smooth... and I haven't really experienced any of the lag I've seen, presumably from background tasks kicking in, in other games.

The premise is simple: be the first to finish the race. Scattered around the track are the usual powerups and such that have become common on todays racing games. Speed Forge 3D also allows for you to adjust how sensitive the accelerometer is for steering, if you want to tilt to accelerate (or have it manually do it for you), sound, and vibration. The game also offers 3 difficulty levels, 3 vehicles, and 6 tracks (although all but one vehicle and track start as locked waiting for you to prove that you are worth of them).

The only glitch I noticed on my Motorola Droid was that when selecting a vehicle the right on-screen touch arrow didn't work. I have to assume that that's some calculation error due to my device's odd screen size. Touching slightly to the left of the right arrow triggered it and worked (I've seen this same thing in other games as well and this is a good tip to be aware of as a Motorola Droid owner trying to use games not specifically tested on the Droid).

Another thing that puzzles me is that when I search the marketplace for 'Racing' this beauty of a game doesn't appear. I presume the developers just didn't add that as a keyword or something.

Speed Forge 3D is available as a demo to try before you buy, but unless you hate racing games then this is one you'll want to have on your Android if only to show off to your friends. Buy it! Buy it now, and support outstanding game development on the Android platform.

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