Nov 30, 2009


I've been looking for clones of some of my favorite arcade games. One such game is Centipede and doing a search on this title reveals just one similar game called Kilopod from Polyclef Software.

For those unfamiliar with the Atari arcade classic called Centipede, essentially you're a bug sprayer (aka gun, laser ...etc) at the bottom of the screen moving back and for shooting the approaching centipede. If you shoot its middle section it breaks into multiple smaller centipedes until you've sprayed each piece and move on to the next level. Furthermore, spiders and such also roam the mushroom forest and are also targets. What makes this title different from most arcade shooters of its time is that you can move up and down the screen a bit and are not limited to the bottom row as in Space Invaders or Galaxian.

Kilopod is a nice enough looking game and replicates the game's play... at least until you play it on the Droid. I'm assuming that with a trackball the game plays MUCH better, but for me on my Droid it was horrible. I then tried opening the keyboard and using the DPad (while still is portrait display mode) and my gun only moved what seemed to be a character at a time (versus smooth scrolling). I can only hope the lack of smooth movement is because I don't have a trackball on my device.

So the bottom line is, if your Android device has a trackball and you like Centipede this may be a game worth checking out. If you have a device like the Droid that doesn't sport a trackball then stay away. The controls ruin the game.

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