Nov 18, 2009

Abduction! World Attack

Abduction! World Attack is pretty clearly a Doodle Jump clone from the iPod Touch world of gaming. That's good news for me as that's one of the few games that I actually return to again and again with it never fully wearing out its welcome. Abduction!, however, has a better theme and deviates in its own way which is nice to see.

In Abduction! aliens have abducted your herd and you, a lone cow, must rescue them by climbing err jumping high into the sky after their alien space ship. The play behind this game involves jumping up the screen by tilting your Android device back and forth so that you land on the various platforms of earth the aliens errantly dragged along for the ride. One thing that's really nice to see in this game is the climb past the trees, beyond the sun, ...etc. The cartoony graphics are nicely done even though our cow is a little on the boxy side. During the climb you'll find cows parachuting back to earth that you can rescue, gift boxes for bonus point, and bombs which are to be avoided.

The game also offers an Adventure mode where you'll travel from location to location gathering a gold coin that you'll find in each place and along the way you'll encounter a host of other characters such as billy goats and lions. Finally, a kids mode is just what the doctor orders when playing with youngsters... having a 3 year old in the house made me very appreciating of this as I try to share the world of gaming with her.

There's a demo available for this game called simply "Abduction!" which you can try for free, but this is a 5 star effort available for about $2.20 with lots of features and replayability.

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  1. My 6 yr old and I LOVE this game - one of the few that I've actually bought the full version of. So many extras with the full version - I am totally addicted and fully determined to master the Mayhem challenges! :) Thanks for your reviews - I've enjoyed exploring the droid apps with your assist!