Nov 23, 2009


Simple, free, fun, and addictive. Four words to describe SunFlat game's SFCave. SFCave looks to be a game that's made the rounds on Palm, as a Java applet, ...etc and now on the Android.

Simple. Simple because you're a ribbon streaming through a cave simply trying to make it as far into the cave as possible. Touch the screen to go up. If you're not touching the screen you go down. Don't hit anything or "Game Over". The longer you last the more points you accumulate.

Free. Yep, doesn't cost a cent which fits all of you cheapo Android owners that are afraid to spend a buck or two on a game.

Fun. The game plays so simply, but is quite challenging. And it offers an online scoreboard so you can see how well you are doing globally.

Addictive. This isn't a game I play again and again and again. A session or two is enough for me. But then I'm back at it only hours later.

The graphics aren't much to look at... the sound is basic with an explosion when you eventually crash, but the game is 100% fun. And it's free so go get it now...

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