Nov 18, 2009


I've always been a Windows Pocket PC kind of guy. Still am I guess, but the holy wars of computing are long since over as I try (admittedly hard to do) to keep an open mind towards new platforms, new competitors, and new ideas. In the Spring I was looking forward to getting my next Pocket PC upgrade so I started shopping around. I had heard of the iPhone, but didn't really want AT&T as my network provider and didn't really want an Apple device in my pocket. I did, however, get an iPod touch and was blown away and admittedly late to the party.

The iPod touch is one heck of a sleek device. More importantly for me it has Wi-Fi, a great REAL web browser, and GREAT games. Games on a mobile device are important to me as with a family of girls I spend more than my fair share of time waiting outside ladies rooms. That said, it's always nice to be able to get some good gaming in even when we're out and about. But this blog isn't about the iPod touch, but rather the Android platform because...

On November 6th I was one of the brave who stood in line through cold and rain to be among the first at a Verizon store to get a Droid (okay, I'm kidding... got it at Best Buy at 3 in the afternoon and they had plenty left). The hardware specs are comparable, but it has a DPad... the screen is gorgeous... it's an OPEN device (meaning I don't have to hack it to get around Apple's App Store)... and it's on Verizon's network which is good for coverage, but bad on the wallet.

So here we are... checking out the apps... 10,000+ of them trying to find replacements for all those that I have so enjoyed on my iPod Touch. Are we there yet? No. But here's hoping I can make a difference by guiding you to those apps that truly deserve to be on your Android device.

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