Oct 20, 2011

Schoon's Top 10 Android Games - October 2011

There are so many good games on the Android platform now that it is becoming of difficult to keep up with them all.  With the Droid Incredible's problem of "Not enough space" rearing its ugly head quite often for me I usually try to keep no more than 30 or so Apps on the device.  This doesn't leave me with a lot of room for games but the ones that I do have I really enjoy playing.  I decided to summarize my top 10 favorites as of October 2011 and place them in a post with links to the marketplace in case some of the new Android users out there may have missed some of these gems.  With that, here is my current list of top 10 games on my phone.  This list is in descending order with the number one title being my current favorite.  Remember, we all have our favorites and this list is mine, you don't have to agree but please be nice if you decide to comment, thanks!

10.  Fruit Ninja - A lighthearted, easy and quick to play game that was born on iOS.  Basically you use your finger as a "sword" and try to slice fruit as fast as you can while avoiding the bombs.  Great graphics and a very nicely done interface.

9.  Angry Birds Rio - After having all the Angry Birds titles on my phone for quite some time I have settled at this one being the only one currently occupying space.  It's the best of the bunch in my opinion and the most challenging.

8.  Dynamo Kid Touch - A great side scroller similar in vein to the classic mario series but quite a bit more challenging in some respects.  Just try to get past world 4!

7.  Enjoy Sudoku - Simply put, the best Sudoku game I've found in the marketplace.  Easy and intuitive controls and virtually endless puzzles.

6.  Lane Splitter - For a nice arcade racing rush you simply can't beat this one.  Uses the accelerometer for turning and gets harder and harder.  The global high scores keep you coming back for more.

5.  Peggle - For the money, a great puzzle game that is hard to master.  Lots of levels and you can play a single level in about 5 minutes which makes it a great time killer.  Only complain here is the slow load times.

4.  Stellar Escape - Another side scroller but this seems to be one of my favorite genres on the phone.  Another quick pick up and play and finishing a level without mistakes can be quite challenging.

3.  Words with Friends - Even though this thing is still buggy as hell I keep coming back to it.  It's scrabble with your facebook friends.  Just get it.

2.  Cut the Rope - Another great puzzle game that originated on iOS but has decent Android support.  Too many levels to mention, a great value and lots of fun.

1.  HexDefense - I think I mentioned this in my full review of this game but to this day I fire this game up more than any other on my device.  Hands down the best tower defense game I have played on the small screen.  Get it.

Once I put this list together I went back and dropped a few and added a few.  Other notable titles are iRunner which I recently reviewed here and Greedy Spiders which is a bit new to be on an all time favorite list yet.  Other favorites are Hanging with Friends, Plants Versus Zombies and Random Mahjong Pro.  Finally, for a gem swapper you simply must try Tropical Fish Shop, it's a blast. I hope you enjoy my list, as it changes over the months I will strive to create a new Schoon's best-of post.  Thanks for reading!

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