Oct 11, 2011

Icebreaker Hockey

Icebreaker Hockey is one of those games I've been looking forward to. Well, any sports game falls into that category and we could use another quality hockey game on Android. Warning: Icebreaker Hockey is NOT another quality hockey game.

First, I tried it on my tablet. After making the purchase, downloading the game, and launching it I was promptly greeted with a crash screen. For good measure I tried once more and was forced to go the route of the rapid refund as the new 15 minute rule doesn't give much time to play around and figure out any problems.

I then debated about getting it on the off chance it might work on my phone... as from what I read it works for some and doesn't for others. However, I decided to cheat before doing that and tried out the iPad version (which was a giveaway at some point).

Here's my big disappointment: I loved Backbreaker Football. It was properly advertised as a "return simulator". Icebreaker Hockey is the same game in a different dress. Instead of running... you're skating. Instead of spinning... well, you're still spinning. Your whole goal is to skate down the ice, avoid the defensemen with slick moves, and... ok... instead of running into the end zone you press a button to fire the puck into the net.

If you've got Backbreaker Football and aren't easily fooled then you'll recognize this as the same game. Furthermore, I don't feel that the marketing verbage makes it clear that this is NOT a hockey game. Disappointment to the nth degree.


  1. How could you be "looking forward" to a game and not even know what it is?

    The title and icon are even almost the same as "Backbreaker Football" which you are clearly familiar with. How do you come in expecting a full hockey simulation?

    The "marketing verbage" is pretty clear and detailed about what is in the game. Perhaps take 30 seconds to read some of it?

    "Deke and spin your way towards the goal, dodging and skating past players on a mission to take you down. If you make it through, it's time to face the GOALTENDER: taunt him with your SHOWBOATING skills, and charge up a SUPER-SHOT to show him who's boss!"

  2. You really think that that verbage couldn't apply to NHL 12 or any hockey game in which you're trying to skate down with the biscuit and put it in the basket?

    And even if it was just a hockey shoot-out simulator I might have been happy had it actually had some differences vs its football counterpart instead of just being a graphical makeover.