Oct 15, 2011

Boulder Dash Contest

Edit: Boulder Dash is a game from my childhood and I'm glad to see it appear on Android (although I continue to loathe the in-app purchase system that's becoming so commonplace). I'm not sure $150 is enough to inspire brilliance, but I'm guessing the goal is moreso to inspire reprinting of their press release (even though they were too cheap to toss a review copy my way)...

Chappaqua, New York – October 11, 2011 – First Star Software, Inc. and development partner InstantCom, Ltd. today announce a contest soliciting the best suggestion for a new feature, creature or tool to be used in future Boulder Dash® sequels. The USD $150. prize for the best suggestion will be awarded October 29, 2011 as the contest ends 28th October 2011.

First Star Software, Inc and its development partners, InstantCom, Ltd. want to make sure that the next game in the series will appeal to today's gamers! A $150 prize will be awarded to the person who submits what First Star Software considers to be the best idea for a new game feature; or a new creature; or a new tool; or anything else players suggest that might be added to Boulder Dash games in the future.

Players can find the contest here: http://prizes.org/New-features-and-tools-for-boulder-dash-game. Void where prohibited by law, First Star Software, Inc. in it’s sole discretion will pick what it considers to be the best suggestion. Its judgement to be considered final and binding.

Boulder Dash is an action-puzzle computer game first released in 1984. There have been many sequels in the last 27 years. The latest release is Boulder Dash® -The Collection™ for Android OS SmartPhones. It features 5 games from the past including the much loved original from 1984 and can be found on the Android Market here: https://market.android.com/details?id=net.instantcom.bdtc.

In all Boulder Dash games, the hero Rockford™ needs to collect diamonds, avoid boulders and different types of enemies, use magic walls or amoebas to convert boulders into diamonds; and, sometimes, use tools to solve the cave puzzle. These and other interesting characters and features and the real-life physics of falling objects comprise the game mechanics players have come to expect and enjoy in all Boulder Dash games.


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  1. We'd be happy to arrange for you to review the app. We'd like that VERY much...not sure why that hasn't happened already; but, in any event, please send an email to info@firststarsoftware.com and reference the name of your blog and we'll take care of this.
    Sorry for the inconvenience and delay.
    (from First Star Software, Inc.)