Oct 24, 2011

Flick Golf!

I really was apprehensive about Flick Golf! and its claim of an 'accurate in-flight spin control', but tonight that changed. I've played a lot of Flick Kick Field Goal and have to admit that sometimes the question of accuracy enters my head. I don't think there's a problem with that game... I think it's probably a combination of my inaccuracy as a human and my phone's hardware (probably more so the former than the latter), but there are times when I'm convinced I've just knocked the ball dead center down the middle and for some reason it hooks. But we're not talking about football... we're talking about golf. Flick Golf!'s secret? You not only flick the ball off of the tee, but you can also control it while it's in flight. That sounded weak to me at first, but after playing it I am a believer. In a nutshell, their system lets you flick while the ball is in flight, but your flicks carry less weight in your overall shot as the ball approaches the hole. And that's actually pretty cool because it means if you hook it then you've got a short moment to work on correcting that so while it may not be realistically it sure is fun and that's what games are all about.

But first, let me say that Flick Golf!'s graphics are beautiful and include great attention to detail. Furthermore, the game looks great on my phone's small screen and my tablet's big one. This is one pretty game. On the audio front there's not much to talk about. Sound effects match the game and are not a distraction, though. And control consists entirely of short swipes (aka flicks) and that is handled well. The game also plays very smoothly.

qrcodeYour goal? To get as many points as possible. The game does feature unlockable courses and essentially each hole is like a target and the closer you get to sinking a shot the more points you earn. Let's also note that, unlike golf, you get one shot at a hole and those extra swipes after the initial shot do not count against you like extra strokes do in real golf. Instead, you're working against a timer. That adds some pressure to get that ball in the air as soon as possible instead of plotting and planning your next, great shot.

Flick Golf! does give you control over the camera although I've had no need for it. It's always been clear as to what I'm aiming for and the timer forces me to avoid playing with the camera. All in all, this is a game I've enjoyed far more than I thought I would. I enjoy flicking games and really though nothing would eclipse Flick Kick Field Goal. Does this eclipse that? No. But they're equals and that really speaks highly of this as I'm much more of a football guy than a golf guy. And at a tad over a buck this is a game to get if only to stare at the scenery. 5/5 stars.

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