Sep 22, 2011

Super Stickman Golf Now Available

qrcodeSuper Stickman Golf was released for Android yesterday and, while I'm not going to do a full review (because it's a freebie), I will say that I played it a fair amount on my iPod Touch and it's a great little game. In a nutshell, it's 2D golf and your goal is to use your golfer and his power swing to knock the ball into a hole just like real golf. However, that hole may be above you or below you as each level isn't... well... level. The game ends up being more of a physics puzzler with a mild sports theme mixed in. Give it a try... you've got nothing to lose but some time.

1 comment:

  1. I got around to trying this today when I had a few spare minutes, actually a pretty fun and challenging game. I was playing the beginner courses and a few of them were fairly tough for sure! The game was easy to get into and I was able to get through 9 holes in about 10 minutes while I was waiting for my son at school.