Sep 1, 2011

Press Release: Cave Escape (A Free Game for Android)

Cave Escape is an action, falldown-type game with simple tilt control. The star of this game is a brave spider entering a mysterious cave on an adventure into the depths of the earth. Players need to guide the spider inside the cave using the tilt of their device and avoid hitting the top of the screen.

During the journey, players will discover various special items that can be used to help the spider survive, but players will have to quickly decide if that special items they found is worth to chase or is it better just to let it go to ensure that the spider stay alive.

The developers wanted to give the players a compelling story presented through the graphic arts of this game. That's why Cave Escape offers players beautiful hand-drawn scenes that progresses with the players as they guide their spider deeper into the unknown darkness.

Cave Escape implements a global leaderboard system using Scoreloop, to encourage global competition between players from all over the world.

Players can also post their score to Facebook, just for the bragging rights to show their friends how skilled they are playing this game.

Cave Escape is available for free download directly from Android Market, for all devices running Android OS version 1.6 or higher.

More information about this game, including screenshots and information about the developers can be found on

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  1. The game looks very good , it remains to be seen whether it is on par with 'Wisp' which shares the genre but is very highly polished and enjoyable.