Jun 5, 2011


When my Android tablet arrived two weeks ago I immediately started installing apps. After that was done I then started testing apps and it's stunning how many games have problems on these new tablets whether it be not taking advantage of the big screen or the accelerometer not being interpreted correctly or what not. I'm not blaming anyone as progress has its sacrifices, but naturally it would be nice to see everything updated... and updated now! Next, I started looking for games that were written for tablets and/or took advantage of the Tegra chipset in my new tablet. Walkabout was one such game that worked on both my phone and played just fine on my tablet.

So what is Walkabout about? It is a puzzle game in the same vein as InfeCCt (which is a game I really like). In a nutshell, you have to get from the start to the exit while collecting all of the stars by walking one space at a time such that you do not backtrack (i.e. repeat any spaces). Walkabout actually ups this formula a bit by adding levels so that you can walk on the same spot twice (effectively adding a third dimension to a 2D puzzle).

Walkabout's graphics are decent with what I'd refer to as blue sky/green grass type scenery and sound is on par with what you might expect from a puzzle game. Controls are entirely touch based and you move left/right/up/down via swipes. I have to admit I prefer InfeCCT when it comes to controls as it lets you draw your path versus having to swipe, swipe, and swipe again to get around. I also think InfeCCT has far better music that put me more in a zen type mood to play this kind of game. However, Walkabout's 3D nature adds an interesting elements to some of its puzzles not to mention additional elements that are added in later levels. Walkabout also uses a time based scoring system which just seems silly for this kind of game. Of course, the first time through (when actually solving the puzzle) is going to be slow going versus once I have figured out the answer.

Walkabout is a solid puzzle game and it is a solid choice when compared to its competition. It probably offers a bit more puzzle than a game like InfeCCt whereas InfeCCt creates a better play mood and makes the game feel more like time at a spa. I like them both and give Walkabout 4/5 stars.

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