Jun 6, 2011

Super Drill Panic

Super Drill Panic advertises itself as being part of the "dropping ball" genre. I had not heard this catch phrase before so I figured I had to try it so that I could also be one of the "cool kids". After playing it I'd say it felt more like a reverse Doodle Jump so I then checked out some other "dropping ball" games. Super Drill Panic was far better than they were so here's the review.

In Super Drill Panic you play the role of Indiana Jones (not really as that would be a trademark violation) just as he uncovers the rare artifact from the temple. But, as my 2 year old would say, "Oh No!"... a giant boulder trap has been unleashed. Valueing your life you decide to get a move on it, but can you resist the many temptations of gold on your way out. Perhaps you have just enough time to scoop some up a take it with you?

Super Drill Panic sports simple retro graphics in Orange Pixel style along with on cue sound effects and an array of one liners to bring you back to a simpler time in gaming history. The controls are easy and the game requires just one hand to play... tilt left and right to move. As you tilt back and forth jumping down the screen from platform to platform you'll have the opportunity to pick up additional treasures for more points. And eventually you'll find the exit... if you don't get crushed first. The simple controls make this a great mobile phone game and the extras, such as spiders dropping down from above, make this a game worth playing on through.

This game also supports Open Feint which also lead to it not working on my phone properly until the most recent update. Bad that for six weeks I couldn't play a game I paid for (it crashes after a few stages). Good that Orange Pixels continues to release updates and improve their products.

Super Drill Panic is all about pressure and figuring out just how much you can grab while still getting out alive. And it's a great mobile game that can be played quickly with just one hand. Just think, if you have two Android devices (and two hands) you can play two games of it at the same time! How many other games can boast like that? 4/5 stars.

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