Jun 16, 2011

Press Release: CrossMaster

:: ZARAGOZA, SPAIN - MAY 26 2011 ::

Noemar Games Studio, an upcoming amateur game development team based in Spain, is glad to present their 1st game released for the Android platform called CrossMaster.

CrossMaster is a puzzle game with a simple concept. Challenges are composed by a grid of blocks, which player have to clean up by crossing them. What looks a simple task, become more complicated as only some certain number of blocks can be crossed each move and only in a row and column. If player run out of moves, he will have to reset the challenge and start again. What to cross should be considered very carefully!

As player progress, challenges increase on difficulty both in number of blocks and blocks to cross. After some easily solved levels to show the game rules, game could become quite challenge and addictive. take care!

Game is presented in 2 versions, a free ad-supported version including 30 levels of increasing difficulty and a full version including 150 levels and 2 game modes for €0.99.

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  1. Thanks Alster!

    Just a short comment to add the Android Market URLs in case you would like to give a try:

    Free version:

    Full version: