Feb 12, 2011

Press Releases (Poker Swap, SeeWordz, Letter Rip!, Juggler, and Final Freeway)

Editor: Note that these are all from press releases and none of this information is intended as any sort of endorsement.

Poker Swap

From Indie developer Motu Tapu Games comes Poker Swap (release scheduled for Feb 17, 2011). The press release is long so let's see if I can summarize:

In Poker Swap a 5 x 5 grid of cards is dealt. You can then swap any cards to create poker hands. Add bonuses and other surprises to the mix along with a classy interface and you've got Poker Swap. The game features four game modes (Quick Game, Zen Mode, 3-Round Game, and Survival) and OpenFeint support for leader boards / achievements. Two versions will be available upon release - a full, paid version and a free, ad supported version.


From Yumy.Info comes SeeWords: a thinking word game where the action takes place in your head. It, too, is available in both a free and pro (paid) version.

Scrabble meets Tetris meets Slide Puzzles!

Players slide (Rip!) tiles around the board to form words. Once a valid word is created its tiles disappear. Random letter tiles continuously appear as you race to prevent the game board from filling up. Once the board fills up, the game play changes and you will need to clear the board of all the remaining tiles. You will have extra tiles to help you and can even buy letters with your points. Clear the board and you get an extra 1000 points. How fun is that? See how you stack up against the competition on the leader board courtesy of OpenFeint. Get Ripping!


The game is, as the title suggests, about juggling. The full version has 25 playable levels and global highscores. You start out as a street juggler with three balls and at the end of the game you juggle at the Grand Stage with nine balls at the same time. The Lite version has global highscores and two of the 25 levels. You can also do combos, which increases the amount of points you get.


Highly popular old-school arcade racing game “Final Freeway” has been released for Android devices and is immediately available on the Android Market.

“Final Freeway” brings the unique arcade driving mechanics and rendering style from the racing games of the late 80s, to mobile devices. Originally released in August 2010 for iOS, it quickly gathered positive reviews from specialized media and the public alike and was featured in the App Store markets worldwide to reach the #1 spot among the iPad racing games in most countries, including US, Japan and Italy.

This game is now available for Android OS, where all the original contents from the latest iOS version are maintained and a new control scheme is added, along with full support for the complete gamut of Android devices’ display resolutions.

“Final Freeway” places the player in a race across 8 different and unique stages, to be played in two courses or one stage at the time. The game is a fast paced arcade racer capable of very good frame rates on older devices, while also taking advantage of more recent Android systems to achieve the best possible playing experience.

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