Feb 19, 2011

Flight Control

Flight Control made it to the Android Market today. $4.99?????? What???????????????????? I'll be sticking with one of the substantially less expensive yet just as good clones already available like Air Control or Flight Director. Namco used to be my absolute favorite game company. Not any more with the ridiculously non-competitive pricing of their mobile games.


  1. You know, it's easier to steal the idea and create cheap clone, than come up with a new one...
    But, I'm not sure if it was an original idea in the first place, so who am I to judge.

  2. If by 'cheap clone' you mean the $.99 version of the official Flight Control that is available to iPhone owners then I'm all over that. I figured this would be $1.99 at most for Android owners. Then again I had forgotten that Namco 'partnered with' FireMint and that Namco charges $5 and up for Pac Man... a game where everyone that wants it has already purchased a thousand times over.

    I'll also say that ideas are a dime a dozen... I have a million of them myself. Turning them into an actual, working game is the more impressive part.