Feb 11, 2011

Jet Car Stunts

I'm not a big fan of racing games which may make me appreciate driving games that mix it up a bit that much more. I really enjoyed the Need for Speed series once they added the ability to be chased by or become the police. There's also a pretty cool arcade game, although I forget the name, where chasing down and apprehending the bad guy is the goal. Jet Car Stunts takes driving games in another direction that is also quite entertaining.

Flight crew, prepare to land...
Jet Car Stunts is a very well put together game. It has an absolutely fantastic set of tutorials to get you going. I have to admit that when I first saw the screenshots of the game I thought the bottom right controls would be left and right. Nope, this game fully utilizes the tilting capabilities of an Android device and it feels great to play. The four buttons along the bottom are thrusters, brake, reverse, and accelerate and Jet Car Stunts is about more than driving around tracks doing wheelies. Instead your car is about one turbo thruster away from being able to fly. Sometimes you'll have to take a jump and engage the thruster to provide that extra oomph to make the jump, but other times you'll have to press the brake button which doubles as a flaps button when gliding through the air. With all of this control you'll be cruising through hoops and making hairpin turns like there's no tomorrow. And if there happens to be no tomorrow (i.e. you go over the edge) you're treated to a nice view of the cloud cover that you're about to descend through.

The graphics in Jet Car Stunts remind me a bit of Virtua Racing on my old Sega Genesis w/ 32x add on. Very polygonal. The tracks match that graphical style. It's basic by today's standards, but I'd rather the game play smooth than wow me with infinitesimal detail for my car. Sounds match up well for thrusting and turning and I never had any problems with the controls. Tilt works great and can be adjusted in the options, although I never found that necessary, and the on screen buttons are well placed and big enough such that I never experienced any issues with unresponsiveness.

qrcodeJet Car Stunts is among the most masterful games I've played on Android. Finding good games isn't too hard lately, but finding great ones is a challenge. Jet Car Stunts is GREAT! Plenty of tracks... online leader boards... 2 modes of play... all for $2.00. There is a demo version too, and I guess it's worth checking out just be sure the game will run well on your Android device. After you've verified that then buy it! This game earns a rare 5/5 stars.



  1. I think its a really nice game, really enjoyed playing it... Nothing special but easy to master :)

  2. FWIW the original "chase" arcade game was Chase HQ, and it's sequel SCI.

    I will install Jet Car Stunts as soon as I can make room :(

  3. Tokyo Cop was the game I was thinking of and could not remember. That game felt great to play and was a lot of fun. Too bad they never made a home version (as far as I know).

    And I hear you on the storage space issue... that's been plaguing me since Sept '10. I had planned to upgrade to the Epic 4G, but wanted 2.2 on it. Now, by the time they release it, I may as well just wait for a newer phone as it'll be 6 months old.