Dec 14, 2010

Slice It!

I don't get invited to many parties. Maybe that's because I'm not fun. Maybe it's because I don't like to mingle and make idle small talk. Maybe it's because I generally don't enjoy parties. Maybe it's because I stand around checking my phone and playing games in the corner while everyone else is doing whatever it is they do at a party.

So I tried Slice It! the other day. Slice It!, in my book, is an attempt to create a game to piggyback on all of the fruit and vegetable slicing games in the Market, but by extending the genre into something different. Instead of being another "me too" arcade game, it's a game in which you slice objects with a preset number of lines into a predetermined number of (hopefully) equal parts. Slice It! comes to us from Com2Us and is a free, ad supported game (which seems to be the hot trend lately). I guess I can't blame them as Android owners are proving to be frugal (or maybe just plain cheap) when it comes to buying games, and Rovio is claiming a million a month in ad revenue from their red hot Angry Birds game.

Slice It! offers decent graphics with line art shapes drawn on a sheet of virtual graph paper. When a shape is displayed you'll be given a number of slice (aka lines) to use as well as the target number of pieces. You then drag from one side to the other to create a line that will slice the object into parts. The game starts off with a basic square being cut into two, but gradually evolves into more complex shapes that have to be more than just bisected. When you succeed you'll get to see the actual percentage sizes that you divided the supplied object into, but when you fair it's just lights out with a chance at a redo. And that's it... shape after shape and slice after slice of cutting objects into equal sized pieces.

qrcodeSlice It! gets rave reviews in the Android Market from most folk, but I just don't get it. This is another party that apparently I'm missing as I don't feel the fun when I play. It feels more like work and it gets old fast. The game itself is well executed on all fronts. No problems in the quality department. I just don't find the concept entertaining and isn't that why I game in the first place? 3/5 stars for a game that just don't feel like a game. In the meantime I need to get back to creating my new "Sock Sorter" game... that oughta be a total blast to play.

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