Dec 8, 2010

Press Release: Casino Crime from HandyGames

Giebelstadt/Germany, 7th of December 2010. Build your own gambling empire! With the release of Casino Crime, HandyGames™, the leading German publisher of mobile games, is starting a new era of casino games on the Android platform and places the power of “La Familia” firmly in the hands if its fans.

"Games like Casino Crime are a rarity in the Android Market! Casino Crime offers many hours of gaming entertainment for all fans of complex tycoon-type sims and casino games.", comments Markus Kassulke, CEO of HandyGames™.

Start your criminal career in the glamorous world of gambling! Help luck along a little in your own casino and take your guests to the cleaners! Whether it's easy pick pocketing or elaborate card tricks: the only good guest is a fleeced guest! With your foot on the brake of the roulette wheel and an ace up your sleeve, you're ready for anything. Welcome to the family!

Casino Crime is now available for free in the Android Market for all Android devices.

Features of Casino Crime:
  • Exciting casino manager game with Mafia connections
  • Slot machines, Blackjack and Roulette
  • Use dirty tricks to cheat your punters
  • Pick pockets to earn some quick money
  • Unscrupulous croupiers with a talent for crime
  • Gambling addicts with their individual needs
Features may vary depending on the device


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