Oct 11, 2010

Windows Phone 7

As expected Windows Phone 7 looks like quite a disappointment and that's from the website that is marketing them to me and supposed to make me want one. About the only thing that might have appeal is integration with some of Microsoft's technologies such as XBox Live and Office. I don't see Verizon or Sprint among the carriers that will have a Windows 7 Phone in their lineup and I find it particularly laughable that on their apps page they feature...
  • A level and measuring tool
  • A list manager for creating grocery lists... etc and among the lists on the screen is Birthdays. Wouldn't a calendar be better?
  • A translation tool
  • An incredibly drag looking weather app (actually they all look visually quite poor)
  • An investment tool for getting stock quotes
  • A measurement converter
Than again it is the ONLY phone with Live Tiles (and not Widgets)... I'm sad as I really was hoping Microsoft would have something somewhat impressive.

1 comment:

  1. I commend them for trying something different visually. It looks like a good effort to break away from the traditional tiled apps on multiple pages.

    But i'm still stuck with windows 6.1 and I after that disaster I don't think I will ever go back...

    Plus I use PlayStation so the whole Zune/Xbox integration is useless to me.