Oct 20, 2010

Friction Mobile

There's a Flash game I play every so often called Gimme Friction Baby. You can see it by clicking on the following link if you have Flash support on your Android:

Gimme Friction Baby

It's the only Flash game that garnered any of my attention because it's basic, quick, and frustrating as all heck to play. Friction Mobile is an Android port of this game concept.

In Friction Mobile you've got a cannon at the bottom of the screen that fires little, expanding balls. The cannon just rotates back and forth and back again. The only thing you can do is click to fire. Usually I play this game with just my thumb. When you fire the ball bounces around with friction slowing it down until it comes to a stop. It then expands until it can't expand any further (i.e. comes in contact with the edge of the play area or another ball) and you have to hit it three times to remove it and earn a point. How does the game end? Quite simply, when one of the balls you fire comes all the way back across the bottom line (where your cannon is).

The thing that made me think of this game was actually Angry Birds because as the levels get harder in that I find the game more frustrating. Yet, I keep coming back for more punishment. In Angry Birds sometimes I know what I have to do, but the aiming isn't precise enough to translate that into a completed level. In Gimme Friction you can mentally line up a shot, but getting the 'click' to happen during the right millisecond is hard.

qrcodePersonally, I do think the Flash version is better. I think the more square-like screen is better for the game, but maybe that's just because I started playing that way. The cannon also moves a bit slower so as to make me feel like I've got more of a chance in the game. And I also happen to like the background theme. My high on the Flash version is 22!

This is a freebie so if any of this sounds interesting there's no cash barrier to downloading the game and trying it. I usually play it a few times and then forget about it until I see it in my favorites later and have another go at it. Now I can carry it around in my pocket to play during the vast amount of time I spend outside ladies rest rooms (and no, I'm not a pervert... just have a family of women so someone always needs to go).

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