Jun 22, 2010

Boris the Bullet Dodger

Boris the Bullet Dodger is a long name for a simple game. In this game you are Boris and you're headed north while dodging bullets. The rules of this one are pretty much contained in the title of the game which is good because the game doesn't include or need any. Then again, it might be motivational to know some of the cool power-ups that await me should I choose to persist at my mission. I'm also at a loss as to why he's dodging bullets as the enemy is nameless and faceless... perhaps some sort of new fangled Russian Roulette variant as Boris is of Russian descent.

Controls are basic... tilt left and right to move Boris. Furthermore, Boris can wrap around the edge of the screen which is a blessing and a curse (not to mention a surprise for me) as it's hard keeping track of what might be coming down the other side. However, once all is said and done this isn't really anything more than a variant of the well known SFCave game... just stay out of the way of obstacles. The major differences are the controls (SFCave uses the touch screen) and power-ups. I have to give the nod to SFCave with respect to controls... I find the tilt control used here troublesome. It works when I have time to plan, but falls miserably short when I have to make a split second dodge as I either under or over play my move often zooming across the screen into oncoming fire. The power-ups, on the other hand, are a nice touch. There are vehicles to ride in that absorb oncoming fire... there are toys to pick up like a hurricane that clears the screen of bullets... there are bombs to stay away from (like I need more stuff to avoid).

If the controls were better or I had a choice to use the touch screen or something this game would rate higher. The poor controls made the game very frustrating. I'm curious if other devices have better sensitivity to tilt than the Droid after playing this and seeing others praise this title. At a dollar it's not a major financial commitment (and that's about where it should be priced given the simplicity), but the controls leave this game as a mediocre experience in my book. 3/5 stars.

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