Mar 5, 2010

Press Release: New Android Game Delivers 3D Graphics, Cash Prizes

Here's a news bit that arrived in my email this morning. Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I really haven't seen any new games that struck my eye. I have a few forthcoming reviews in the queue, though. Now, back to the news story:

MADISON, WI - March 4, 2010 - Today Door-6 unveils Vacuum, a fast-paced competition on the Android platform. The game blends classic arcade action with a dynamic 3D environment. Players must navigate a perilous, asteroid-filled obstacle course, competing for the top score and cash prizes. In this successor to the acclaimed, "Atmosphere: The Training Mission", a finalist in Google's Android Developer Challenge 21 , your phone becomes the joystick of an agile spaceship maneuvering to collect targets along the course.

Vacuum will be released into the Android Market by March 20th, and the first round of competition will begin April 1st. The details of the contest, and its prize amounts, will be announced soon.

Today, attached to this press release, you will find a fully functioning media-only preview of Vacuum. Any feedback you provide will be appreciated, so use the feedback button on the main screen of the game to let the team know what you think.

Vacuum is the latest release from game development studio Door-6. Founded in 2009 and based in Madison, Wisconsin, Door-6 focuses on delivering premium software to smartphone users. Development began initially on Google’s Android mobile operating system, but has grown to include others. Look for the great mobile games of tomorrow to come from Door-6.

Click here for the YouTube video

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