Mar 10, 2010

Mini Plane

Congratulations are in order... for me! This is my 100th post here at I always wondered if I could manage a blog after several failed attempts to write on a regular basis that usually culminated around day 3. Alas, hopefully this is just the start...

As for today's game... Mini Plane takes the old SFCave and slaps some pretty graphics, power ups, and a fuel tank on it along with a price tag. I like this style of game if only for the reason that it fits a touch screen device perfectly with its simplicity of control... touch to go up, release to go down, and tap at a constant pace to stay level (which can be pretty hard to do). In the original there were some basic obstacles to avoid. Mini Plane has buildings and other planes / helicopters you can collide with. Interestingly enough the very top of the screen is a safe haven so you can just hold down on the screen and so long as no enemies occupy the top row you're safe... until you run out of fuel. Fuel is the interesting twist in this variant... you are forced to surface for air now and again and pick up a fuel package. Otherwise, you die!

The game's parallax scrolling is pretty... certainly far, far superior to the bland graphics in SFCave. The game's audio is nothing to write home about (as can be experienced in the video below). And, as has become standard, the game has online leader boards so that I can feel embarrassed by the guy that has scored almost 90 times more points than I have.

At 2 euros (about $2.80 US) I have to question whether this game is worth a purchase with similar, yet inferior, offerings in the Android Market like the original SFCave and Throttle Copter. Once again it depends on how much you are into this type of game. If you're a big fan then you won't be disappointed, but if you're more or less indifferent then you'll probably be just as satisfied with either of the two, free aforementioned titles. As for the game itself I give it 4/5 stars.


  1. Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog and follow it! Keep it up!

  2. Congrats for you on the 100th Post!! Keep it up and keep those reviews coming, I've become a daily reader!

  3. Try collecting the three big stars, and unlock a second world to play ;) that might increase your score.

    Nice review, thanks!

  4. Keep up the great reviews.