Mar 22, 2010


LogicPic is a logic puzzle in the same vein as Sudoku. It always amazes me how many people view Sudoku as having something to do with math when the numbers are easily replaced by letters, colors, or other symbols without changing the game. And the same kind of thinking applies to LogicPic. With LogicPic you have a grid with numbers on each row/column indicating groupings of dots. For example, you might have a 2 3 1 meaning 2 dots are adjacent followed by 3 dots being adjacent and then a lone dot. None of these groupings can be adjacent, but the amount of space between them is unknown. Another example might be a row of ten cells with a 7 as the 'clue'. You don't know if it's the first 7 or last 7 or somewhere in between that are filled, but you do know that the middle 4 are. If you understand that and think understanding that was fun then you'll like this game.

LogicPic is nothing new... the paper version has been out for ages and PicCross is available on the Nintendo DS. This Android version features over two hundred puzzles categorized in four levels of difficulty which basically translates to larger grids/larger puzzles. Graphics and sound aren't at issue with a title like this and won't wow you, but the user interface works and the game is an enjoyable diversion. I also appreciate that the developers do update the app... in the couple of weeks after having purchased it I've seen an update and there have been a couple of others.

Don't expect to be impressed by the images revealed when you solve a puzzle... they are very basic and blocky, but there's not much you can do with a 10 x 10 grid. If you like these kinds of puzzles then this one is a pleaser and at only $.99 it is also most certainly a good deal. 4/5 stars.

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  1. I bought this game shortly after your review posted and it's still my favorite paid app on Android. The dev has done a great job of improving the interface and features. The ability to download user created puzzles (or upload your own) means there's almost always something new to solve. At only a buck, it's a great value. Thanks for the recommendation!