May 11, 2011


I'm not sure exactly what genre of game they fall under, but I enjoy games in which the goal is to swing from rope to rope through a city landscape like Spiderman. I've tried two such games on Android and will contrast them and pick a winner.

Rope To Fly: A 'cool' stunt is turned
Rope To Fly and SpiderBoy both have an identical premise. Using rag doll style physics (in that your body bends and breaks) you'll cast ropes at buildings and swing between them to navigate through the city. 'Navigate' might be a strong word here given that you're always headed east, but you get the picture. This style of game pretty clearly falls under 'arcade' style and if it was just swinging on ropes all day things might get boring mighty quickly, but each game offers several modes of play.

Rope To Fly offers five different modes of play: Infinite Mode, 100 Meter Mode, 30 Second Mode, Ten Ropes Mode, and One Rope Mode. Each of the mode's differences should be somewhat apparent from the name of the mode. When distance is the key then time is the score and when time or the number of ropes you possess are key then distance is the score. SpiderBoy offers far more in terms of options with 10/30/60 second modes (and not just a single 30 second mode), 1/3/10 ropes mode, and 1,000/3,000/10,000 meter modes along with three difficulty levels of free play, day and night modes, and even one prebuilt city (in addition to random ones).

Graphically neither game is a powerhouse, but Rope to Fly is slightly prettier. It even lets you customize the colors of your character although I don't personally get into doing that. I also find its backgrounds to be a bit more colorful. Both games do a good job of splitting my character into many bits and pieces upon contact with the pavement below. Rope To Fly also adds comic style bubble messages that appear when making a good move. From an audio standpoint Spiderboy has a little more sound effects although they tend to be basic. Control wise, both games are the same and I didn't experience any real issues when jumping from building to building. Both games played reasonably smoothly as well.

SpiderBoy keeps it going
Sometimes more can be less as the idea of difficulty levels in SpiderBoy appealed greatly. I really prefer to play this style of game in infinite mode and one rope mode just seems pointless to me (one good swing and you're done?). However, on maximum difficulty I found the buildings to be too sparsely laid out so yes, not only was it difficult it was damned near impossible!

After playing both my personal favorite is Rope To Fly despite the lack of options, but it's a close race and neither game is really superior to the other. They're also both free so there's no barrier preventing you from pulling them both down and seeing which one you prefer. 3.5/5 stars... for each of them.

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