May 14, 2011

Press Release: Space Out from Zygo Games

About the game

Space Out puts a new spin on the break out / break the blocks type of game - instead of a bat you tilt your phone to control where the ball goes. Try to keep the ball inside the level boundaries and break all of the bricks to proceed to the next level.

Level boundaries aren't boring rectangles and the gaps don't stay still. A series of power ups are available to help you along the way, which (amongst other things) will blow up blocks, teleport you to safety and even freeze time.

•70 inventive levels
•7 unique power ups
•Smooth 3D graphics
•Intuitive game play
•Online score ranking system
•Amazing sound track by Spandex

About the developer

Zygo Games are a small indie developer from Nottingham England founded in 2011. Space Out is our first foray into game development exclusively for the Android platform.

We wanted to make a game ideally suited to the mobile platform - easy to pick up for short bursts of play with intuitive controls using the accelerometer and touch screen. We hope you like the result!

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