Mar 19, 2011


One of my biggest challenges lately in reviewing Android games is finding games to review. Sure, I can choose the big hit titles that everyone and his brother talks about, but we all know those will have mass appeal and are generally good games. So I tend to dig and try some of the more obscure stuff and lately there just hasn't been much worth writing about. In the end I'm left forcing out a review for something mediocre or worse just so that the content on this site doesn't get too stale.

I tried Parachute based on a press release submission I received and because I had just tried something similar. The concept here is simple... you're falling and have to guide your guy safely to the ground. You can tilt left and right to 'steer' and you can tilt forward and backwards to speed up or slow your decent. There are a lot of games that this has elements of contained within. First, we've got a landing much like Lunar Lander, but there's no physics element in terms of controlling your 'chutist'. Next, it's a bit of a reverse Doodle Jump... here we're going down instead of up. Consequently, I'd have to say both of those titles are superior.

qrcodeParachute tries to remain interesting with power up that provide such things as extra lives and is about as well delivered as it could be. I love the audio wind effects and the graphics aren't half bad either. The bottom line is that the idea isn't anything to get too excited about. Steer through a maze of platforms and try to grab as many power ups as you can. The game tries to add some life to itself with a kid mode and perhaps that might be a better target audience. Those with kids know that's not a rip on the game... kids need "kid friendly" games and perhaps I'll get a chance to give that side of the game a go soon. The game is available in both a free and paid version (the QR code is for the free one) in case you'd like to try it. As for me, all the different levels in the world with this idea aren't going to be enough to keep me coming back. 3/5 stars.

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  1. Just wanted to throw out there that I really appreciate you finding the more obscure stuff... it's why I subscribe :)