Mar 17, 2011

Necrophone Games announces "Beetlenaut"

March 5th - Toronto, ON - Necrophone Games announces "Beetlenaut", a new action-arcade game for Android smart phones.

You ARE the Beetlenaut !
Careen through a vast, quarantined metropolis, pursued by heavy military response! Crush -or devour- those too feeble-minded to evacuate, with your powerful hydraulic mandibles ! Engage your Invertibrakes(tm) to aid your search for the raining Meta-Roids, the key to your true potential ! Fight AND flight; transform and conquer the skies, along with any mechanism that may impede your reign! Your compound eyes will marvel at lush 16-bit environments! Your chordotonal membranes will resonate with delight at the pumping chiptune soundtrack! Use your mouth to solve your problems!

Features: Addictive, arcade-style gameplay. A new, randomly-reconfigured city, every time you play. Oodles of Hand-drawn 16-bit pixel art. Old school chiptune-style music and sound effects.

Availability: Beetlenaut is currently available on the Android Marketplace, as of March 3rd, 2011. A free browser version is also available at:

System Requirements: Beetlenaut requires an Android Phone running OS version 2.2 or higher. Phones with at least a 1Ghz CPU are recommended, although the game may run on phones with as low as 600mhz. Due to the wide variation among Android devices, exact compatibility with each model phone is still to be determined.

About the company: Founded in 2009, Necrophone Games is a two-man indie developer hailing from Toronto, Canada, home of the Whopper (not really). Necrophone games is said to have its finger on the button, or several buttons, at any given time.

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