Jan 18, 2011

Recent Android Game Releases (Straight From My Inbox)

I've been letting my inbox fill with informative releases of new Android games and while a press release doesn't necessarily guarantee a great game it does probably improve the odds.

Army & Maiden S1F - "Army & Maiden" is a real time war simulation game. One game is a very short time. You can clear a stage in about 1-5 minutes. This is free.

Phone Bomber - It’s an Android app that lets users place virtual bombs in the real world, blow each other up, etc.  It’s a massively-multiplayer, location-aware game.

Blox - Try as fast as possible to clean up the playfield, earn bonus time with speed combinations and discover all special items. Editor: Looks another falling blocks puzzler to me at first glance.

Leap Sheep - A cute action game that kids can easily play, but is still challenging for more experienced gamers. Editor: Wish there was a bit more detail as to what one is actually doing in the game in the press release.

Chess Free - A chess game from AI Factory (makers of Move It!).

TileRacer - The goal of TileRacer is to connect the two yellow jellies on the border with a yellow path. You move tiles around by sliding them into the empty space.  It's like those little tile puzzles taken to a whole new level.

Tap Crazy - A frantic game of tapping insanity. Good guys roll down. Bad guys roll up. Kill the bad guys.  
Pop the balls by tapping them before they reach the top of the screen. But don't pop your friends as the race to the bottom. As the numbers increase, everyone starts bouncing off of everyone else. It is your job to sort through the ensuing comic mayhem. Five distinct enemy types. Tons of fun!

Who's What - And from Ward Batty (who probably has no clue who I am, but I know who he is from my DragonCon days) and James Cobb (maker of the awesome Roll or Don't clone of Can't Stop!) we have a new game up where you see two celebrities and have to know (or guess) which is taller or heavier or older. I believe folks will find it strangely compelling. Editor: Oh, and strangely free.


  1. Ref leap sheep, I took a look at the promo teaser, and from there an iPad review - the sheep run across the screen and you have to tap them to make them jump over the fence. Extra taps make them do tricks. If they don't jump they stack up at the fence. Looks like a simple game that could be quite fun.

  2. Thanks for the plug, the game is called Who's What, not Who's That.