Aug 1, 2012

Dead Trigger Goes Free

I noticed on Apple's App Store that Dead Trigger (from the makers of Shadowgun) was now free and usually to my disappointment the same isn't true on the Android side of the fence. Well, today is the exception as Dead Trigger is also free for Android. Download away...


  1. downloaded it to try after it became free and it’s actually a pretty good title, graphics- and controls-wise. But it’s only about shooting and killing zombies, hardly any substantial plot or anything. anyway, it seems highly unfortunate that they have had to do that after “facing heavy piracy”, although i can’t shake the feeling that they did this just as a marketing ploy to get more people to download it and spend on in-app payments instead…

    Anyway, they're going to release an update that rewards the people who bought the app previously on Google Play. i’m sure i’d be really angry at the developers if i were one of those people, so i’m glad they’re doing something to appease their fans and save their reputation a little! they do make really good games after all, and it’d be a pity if they let something like that destroy whatever good rep they’ve built up.

  2. Oh come on, not you too.
    It's NOT free.
    It's just a demo for money-sucking scheme, with publishers even blaming android piracy for this.
    So why did they do it on apple toys too?

  3. It used to be $.99 (or something like that). Now it's $0.00.

    That said I agree and have been in opposition to this $1 (and free) demoware geared at getting users to keep inserting another quarter just like the old arcade games of the '80s. That's probably the biggest reason for the lack of blog updates... I'm just not getting anywhere near the fun I used to out of my tablet devices when I'm constantly being nickled and dimed (or dollared).

    I am enjoying Flick Home Run on the iPad though and so far it hasn't aksed me for any more money beyond its purchase price.