Jan 24, 2012

Neon Zone

I've preached on this before, but it seems that there are far too many puzzle games for Android and that it's an over represented category in the touch screen gaming world. Sure, touch screen devices make for a great puzzle platform, but really... do we need another? Fortunately, in this case the answer is Yes!

Neon Zone won't wow you with graphics. Just looking at a screen shot will probably make you pass up this game, but once you see that this game is a mental powerhouse versus being a visual treat then you just might stand a chance at solving all of its mind bending puzzles.

qrcodeThe game concept is very simple. You drop a block by tapping your finger on the screen and have to manipulate the block so that it touches all of the dots. After the block has been dropped you can do two things: 1) you can tap the screen to jump from level to level or 2) you can rotate your phone to change gravity. Each level then adds a time to beat along with a number or jumps and rotates that you must not exceed if you want to three star the level. Neon Zone comes with a nice intro pack of levels to get you started and to teach you the game and the first few levels are simple although three starring them all is not. But within a couple of minutes you'll be facing some interesting challenges in Neon Zone's world.

Neon Zone is not a complicated game and to some degree I'm now waiting for someone to rip it off and release Angry Dots with enhanced graphics and cute little block characters that seek revenge. But don't let the blah graphics fool you. This is a great game idea that is just missing some charm from its execution. Also note that there is a trial version available in the Android Market, too, for those that don't want to jump in the deep end with a $1 purchase. 4/5 stars.

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