Nov 12, 2010

What's On Sale? - Nov 12, 2010

If you haven't heard, the acclaimed Doodle Jump is currently on sale in the Android Market for $.99. While there have been many solid clones of this kind of game you just can't pass up the original for a buck...

And, in case you're wondering what it takes to make this list the game has to, of course, be cheaper than it was since I last posted about sales and have a 3 or more star average rating in the Market. No junk allowed!

Spin Air Hockey - $.99 down from $2.99
Doodle Jump - $.99 down from $3.49 [Until Nov 17th]
iSpadez - $.99 down from $1.99
Dr. Droid - $.99 down from $1.49
Droids of the Dead - .69 euros down from .79 euros (massive price cut, I know)
Heli Rescue - $.99 down from $1.99
Gem Slinger - $.99 down from $1.99

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